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According to his own website, Stuart Swanson is a stand-up comedian, host of the podcast Sidetrack City, author of The Trues, a quitter and an inspiration.

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Want to laugh? Oh boy. 

Stuart Swanson has done comedy for over 11 years, but you really can’t tell that when you see him perform. Check out one of his shows, or watch some of his older stand-up and then never go to any of his shows.

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Sidetrack City is not just a podcast, because it has cats. If it weren’t for the cats, it would be just a podcast. Stuart Swanson began recording Sidetrack City in Oceanside, California in 2015, then continued to Chicago, Illinois in 2017. He talks the entire time.

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the trues

mostly true stories, definitely by stuart swanson

Let’s face it, there aren’t enough sarcastic news sites on the internet. Nobody asked Stuart Swanson to write his own, but he was compelled to do it after surviving 40 years of…



I smoked for 16 years, then quit 5 years ago and it feels great. Read this if you think you might consider smoking in the future.


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When you get a burst of inspiration, you are probably supposed to do something about it. In fact, why not share the inspiration with others?  That’s what I’m doing here, I’m sharing this with you. 

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help somebody

and who cares what people think about it

Help improve or even save a life! It’s easy. Just check out a cause, consider helping for a few minutes, temporarily decide not to help, then eventually feel bad enough that you help after all. It’s great.

Inspired by Gord Downie.

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Oh yeah, and i’m vegAN

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I probably should have mentioned this earlier, like the stereotype suggests vegans are “outspoken.” But you know, that’s just not true!

Well, I do have it on the front page of my website here, I see that, I get that.

But I actually don’t talk about it unless someone asks me about it or talks about it first. Or if I’m around people and food at the same time. Or if someone says something that doesn’t sit well with me and I just can’t let it go, or if I feel like talking about it on stage or if it comes up naturally on my podcast but that’s about it.

I wonder what other vegan stereotypes I live up to.

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