Old Babies Discover Parents’ Inappropriate Facebook Posts

By Stuart Swanson

Article VIII

July 15th, 2017

Nobody likes to get tagged in a bad photo.  But we can all agree, while the perpetrator had no right to share a bad picture of you with all of their friends, at least you were notified about it after it was too late.

Imagine living your entire life without realizing that someone shared a terrible picture of you with all of their friends (or the entire world) 8 years ago and never told you about it.  You’d be outraged, right?

That’s exactly what happened when a bunch of 8 year old kids stole one of their mom’s cell phones, unlocked her “1234” password and then started scrolling through her timeline.

At first it was funny.

“Look dude, your mom looks wasted!” exclaimed one little guy.

“Why would she post that?” another asked.

Nobody had answers.  They all hovered around the phone while the original thief scrolled through his own mother’s private timeline.

As time went by, the pictures looked younger, when finally he started to notice pictures of himself, back when his mom still cared enough to take pictures of him.  And oh man, some of these pictures were really embarrassing, especially some of his haircuts and the clothes she dressed him in.

Time quickly passed by as he scrolled through the years, and he noticed his friends were very quiet, but he could tell from his peripheral vision that they were still there, trying not to laugh too loud.

Finally, they burst into laughter as they all saw his first baby picture.

Clearly, his mom was in a hurry to share the first picture before dad had a chance to ruin the moment.  By racing to the finish line, the result was a really awful picture of a half-clothed, angry, filthy baby who was now currently looking at himself 8 years later on a cell phone surrounded by his friends who were laughing at him.

Horrified, he reminded his bastard friends that they also had moms, and their moms probably also did the same exact thing to them.

All kids are smart, so they all realized that was probably true.

Because their moms were all friends with each other, they all took turns on the phone discovering each of their parents’ awful pictures of them.  None of them were as bad as the first one, but they were all bad.