Fire Department Called Over Harmless Vaping Incident

By Stuart Swanson

Article IV

June 29th, Current Year

Earlier tonight, concerned citizen Stuart Swanson made a life-changing decision to try to help save someone’s life.  During his otherwise normal drive across town, he saw something nobody should ever have to see.  A flash fire appeared to have started IN SOMEONE’S CAR.  Well… not a fire exactly, but there was SMOKE BILLOWING OUT OF THE WINDOW.

Normally he would have just shrugged it off and kept driving, but he was pretty sure another driver noticed that he saw the problem.  That changed everything, because now if he didn’t react, he might get shamed on the internet for driving past a fellow human who was dying by turning into smoke.

he was pretty sure another driver noticed that he saw the problem

Now that he realized he was required to take action, he took a huge chance and called 911 while driving.

During the first 3 minutes of the conversation, Mr. Swanson kept explaining to 911 that he wasn’t breaking the law by talking on his cell phone while driving.  They kept interrupting him to say that it was OK, but he can’t hear when he’s not listening.

Finally, he explained that there was smoke coming out of another driver’s window every 30 seconds or so, and they immediately explained, that was just somebody smoking a vape cigarette or whatever it’s called.

“Oh,” he said after a moment of silence.

Slightly embarrassed, Stuart Swanson then made sure they understood his point of view.  “Okay I do feel stupid right now, yes, but you have to understand, I thought the man’s head was on fire,” he said calmly, then added, “You should have seen how much smoke was coming from this man’s head.”

“I thought the man’s head was on fire,”

The 911 operator then thanked him for his service, and told him to have a good night, but there was definitely a hint of a laugh as she said it.